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Bruno White Marble in India Bruno White Marble in India is considered as one of the premium marbles. Gorbandh Marble is the leading Bruno White Marble Supplier in India which deals with quality marble stones and responsible for best marble exports to each and every corner of the world. Bruno White marble has attractive and shiny look which makes it more decent and suitable for both exterior and interior design purpose. This marble has gray lines on its white surface. This design makes it more cool and attractive. Normally, Gorbandh Marbles exports slabs, tiles, countertops and blocks of Bruno white marble in India. Bruno White Marble in India Specification: Bruno White Marble in considered as the heavy white stone which has heavy gray veining on its surface. This marble is available Rajasthan, India. From small tiles to large slabs, you can get all sized Bruno White Marble in Gorbandh Marbles. If we will consider about the finishing touch of this marble, it is quite furnished and honed. Along with its furnished design, it is also sanded, rick faced, tumbled, sandblasted, sawn cut in finishes. This marble is Non-brittle in nature. Application: In both commercial and residential purposes, Bruno White marble is being used. This marble can be used in different interiors, countertops and fireplace surround. Apart from these, you can also use Bruno white marble in outer spaces, bars, vanity, etc.
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