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'antique black galaxy granites'
Black Granite in India is quite popular among customers and designers due to its color and design. This is a mostly a black granite having small gold and white flecks. Its design looks like the stars in galaxy. This granite is more popular in Middle Eastern countries like UAE, Oman, Iran, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, etc. Apart from these countries, Black Galaxy granite is also popular in North Africa counties like, Morocco, Libya, Algeria, Tunisia, etc. Gorbandh Marbles is the leading Black Galaxy granite supplier in India which deals with importing quality design granites. You can find polished, brushed and antique black galaxy granites in India only at Gorbandh Marbles. Black Galaxy Granite in India
Botticino Marble in India Botticino Marble in India is quite popular among different corporate and household properties. This marble is one of the most popular marble used in India, exported from Italy. It has been named on a town of Italy, Botticino. If you are looking for quality and perfect Botticino marble exporter in India, here we are. We import them from Italy and export them in different corner of the country. We do concern about the quality of Botticino marble due to which it has been popular among users. Let’s have a small discussion about Botticino marble in India and its usage. Botticino Marble in India Botticino marble is one of the finest anfd luxurious marble among other Italian marbles available in the world. This kind of marble is being recognized by its pure white color along with black lines. Botticino Marbles and first being manufactured and then processed. After that, these are being converted into marble slabs and marble tiles. Gorbandh Marbles is one of the most popular Botticino Marble importer in India which deals with quality marbles. As per client’s requirement, we do provide different categories of Botticino marbles, i.e., Botticino marble slabs, Botticino marble tiles, Dark Botticino Marbles, light Botticino marbles etc.